Adenah Bayoh’s Response to COVID-19

While Adenah's restaurants are operating in a limited capacity, this restaurateur and developer is serving free breakfast and lunch to families in need at her 3 IHOP locations. Until school reopens, families in Newark, Irvington, and Paterson will be able to take out pancakes for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch on weekdays. Not only is Adenah also working with Irvington Township Councilwoman Jamilah Beasley to deliver free meals to seniors, but she is also ensuring that all of her employees, whether they can work or not, are paid for the next 2 weeks.

TDG Edge
We’ve leveraged Adenah’s incisive humanitarian work to not only garner media attention, but also to serve as an example of the huge difference that a socially conscious entrepreneur can make to the lives of an entire community.

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