3 Tips for Your 2024 Marketing Strategy

Justyna Krygowska

Happy Womxn’s History Month! Because I have the privilege of working alongside talented and fierce womxn at Tara Dowdell Group every day and am lucky to have been raised, nurtured, and supported by many others throughout my life, every day feels like a good day to celebrate womxn—not just in March. However, at a time when we are seeing a concerted effort to diminish or limit exposure to important ideas, experiences, and perspectives, months like Womxn’s History Month are more crucial now than ever. So, as you prepare your Womxn’s History Month campaign (or other upcoming commemorations), here are a few marketing tips to keep in mind to set you up for success in 2024.

Hyper-personalization is queen. Just like womxn, your audience is not a monolith. It’s also not enough to simply segment your audience anymore. Today’s consumers expect hyper-personalized content, recommendations, and experiences tailored to their individual needs and interests. Think about how you can better track and leverage your audience’s behavior and preferences to make smarter marketing decisions that lead to results and, in turn, help you achieve your goals.

Lead with authenticity and values. Gone are the days when consumers paid little attention to a brand’s business practices. Instead, today’s consumers expect authenticity and transparency. They want to understand your brand’s mission and values—especially your environmental sustainability, social issues, and data privacy practices. There is no surer way to create distrust than by not walking the talk. For instance, a campaign honoring the womxn who work for you during Womxn’s History Month may do more harm than good if your compensation practices perpetuate a gender pay gap.

Video, video, video. Video continues to dominate the content strategy game, and with so many different types of video to choose from, it is easier than ever to incorporate into your next marketing campaign. When selecting the right video format, consider your overall goal, message, audience, and intended platform. Given our limited attention spans, being able to create short, engaging videos about your brand, campaign, or product is essential. That doesn’t mean long-form videos are over—consider YouTube’s growing popularity! There’s room for your 15-second reel and a 30-minute video podcast as long as you understand your target audience. PRO TIP: Due to the growing preference for watching videos without sound, your video creations should always have an option for captions, which also makes your videos more accessible.

Happy marketing!