Executive Women of New Jersey President Offers Thought Leadership on Transformation of Work Culture in the Wake of the Pandemic

An op-ed by EWNJ President Barbara E. Kaffman was recently featured in Thrive Global discussing how women should lead the transformation of work culture in the wake of the pandemic.

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We placed this op-ed with the understanding that as an experienced executive, Barbara would have a birds eye view on the shifting trends of work culture and her expertise would be particularly relevant during this time.

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The Andrew Goodman Foundation Attacks Voter Suppression in the State of Wisconsin

In November 2019, the Andrew Goodman Foundation (AGF) sued the Wisconsin Elections Commission in Federal Court on the premise that the laws preventing college students from using their student IDs as valid identification for voting, prohibit their rights to vote. AGF, a nonpartisan nonprofit which works to improve civic engagement on 59 college campuses across the United States, filed the lawsuit in federal court to protect the rights of students to vote in accordance with the 26th Amendment, which states that the right of U.S. citizens 18 years old or older to vote cannot be denied based on age.

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TDG launched a comprehensive media strategy to incorporate hyper local media with national coverage, and bring attention to the ongoing voter suppression of students and other marginalized communities in Wisconsin.

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