What We Do

Our services include graphic and web design, video production, messaging and copywriting, brand strategy, public relations, and marketing. The most effective communications strategies unify these services, which is why we offer all of them in-house ensuring a cogent and compelling brand identity for our clients.

Our edge lies in our proactive and methodical approach to marketing and communications; every website that we design, every press release that we draft, every pitch that we craft is a direct result of a clear goal. Moreover, we have a unique understanding of the power and value of building and maintaining strong relationships, and we are skilled in leveraging these relationships to create opportunities for our clients.

Public Relations

WE are proud that our clients have been featured on ABC News, NPR, CBS, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, BET, TV One as well as in the New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Essence, The Root, NJBIZ, Star Ledger, and many more.


WE assist our clients in building recognizable brands through the development of distinctive marketing materials and penetrating brand messaging. We ensure that all their materials reflect a consistent brand message and effectively showcase the value of our client's services, programs, or products.


WE develop sharply strategic and individualized marketing campaigns that promote our clients in the spaces where their services and products will be the most effective. We are unique because our approach to marketing is intentional, disciplined, and results-driven. All of our efforts—from our content marketing strategy to our ad campaigns—are backed by extensive research and tied to clear and present goals.


WE work closely with our clients to develop emblematic and compelling websites, visuals, logos, and layouts that serve to communicate their core goals and services in the clearest and most effective terms.

Community Outreach

WE employ a unique and innovative approach to community outreach that integrates grassroots efforts, new technologies, digital communications, coalition building, public relations, and community relations. Depending on the necessities of the project, we also coordinate with local elected officials to organize public meetings. One of our central goals in every outreach project that we take on is to create a productive and effective dialogue with the community, which serves as a crucial tool in increasing public support and combating misinformation.

Video Production

WE produce impactful videos that amplify our clients' stories and key messages. From short, engaging clips to long-form videos, we tailor our production services to align with project goals to inspire action.